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About Banash InfoTech Nig. Ltd.

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History of the Company

We are pleased to introduce our Company BANASH INFOTECH NIG. LTD. We specialize on Information Technology, Internet Services, Cyber-Cafe Setup, Reseller of CafeSuite Management and Billing Software, Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, Web Design, IT Consultancy, Networking (Lan & Wan), System Maintenance and Services, etc.

BANASH INFOTECH NIG. LTD. is an Information Technology Service Company that provides a complete range of Information Technology Services and integrated business solutions in broad spectrum in IT Services.

BANASH INFOTECH NIG. LTD.. is hereby offer the above-mentioned services to you and your Company. BANASH INFOTECH NIG. LTD. is not just another IT firm, as we offer qualitative and efficient services, using the latest technology in Hardware and Software Systems. This gives us an edge to offer premium high-quality and other value-added services to our numerous customers especially Nigerians.

Our Executive Team

Usman Yahaya Banash, CEO

Rukayya Y. Usman, CFO

Moh'd Bala Sani, Sales Director

David Johnson, Distribution Specialist

Mission Statement

Banash InfoTech Nig. Ltd. Company is committed to providing quality, up-to-date products and convienent, fast services.

E-mail Us

Want to send us a brief note? ousmanys@yahoo.com

Location / Phone Numbers

+234 80 35967413