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Company Specials

We are authorized distributors and resellers of products in Nigeria for:

1. CafeSuite Cyber-Cafe Billing and Management Software @ www.cafesuite.net

2. Hoyar IT Classroom Teaching Software @ www.hoyar.com

3. Micro World Technologies, Anti-Virus and Internet Security Product @ www.mwti.net

4. Names 4 Ever Domain Name Registration @ www.names4ever.com

5. Panda Security @ www.pandasecurity.com

6. SaibraGems Rough and Semi-Precious Stones @ www.saibragems.com

If you are interesting by making us your rep/distributor and reseller in Nigeria, write us today on info@banash.net, ousmanys@yahoo.com or call us on any of the cell numbers +234 80 35967413

Employment Opportunities